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We are proud to announce that Aqua-Cell Energy has graduated from the 2023 at CDL-Rockies Energy – Aqua-Cell Energy

We are proud to announce that Aqua-Cell Energy has graduated from the 2023 at CDL-Rockies Energy

The Creative Destruction Lab (CDL) is a results-oriented program designed to accelerate the growth and development of seed-stage companies operating in science and technology domains with high scalability potential. CDL spans 20 different streams, covering various industries such as AI, FinTech, Climate and Energy.

CDL achieves its mission by fostering valuable connections between ambitious entrepreneurs and a network of experienced entrepreneurs, advisors, and investors. CDL emphasises the pursuit of excellence and encourages entrepreneurs to think big, challenging them to reach their full potential. By providing a structured framework and access to a vast pool of expertise and resources, CDL equips entrepreneurs with the necessary tools and mentorship to navigate the complex landscape of scaling a startup successfully.

Aqua-Cell Energy takes deep honour in the distinguished privilege of actively participating in the CDL program, showcasing exceptional dedication and perseverance, ultimately leading to a triumphant graduation in May of 2023. Throughout our engagement in the program, we were affiliated with the Energy Stream, benefiting from objective-driven mentorship. This transformative journey entailed a relentless pursuit of refining our business model, accelerating the scale up of our battery.

CDL provided an enriching environment where we gained access to invaluable knowledge, resources, and the opportunity to establish meaningful connections with customers and investors. The guidance, critique, and professional insights received from entrepreneurs and renowned experts in the energy industry who have themselves created, scaled, and sold their own businesses provided us with profound insights into the challenges and realities of entrepreneurial ventures.

We acknowledge the rigorous and immersive nature of the program, which demanded our steadfast commitment. Every 6-8 weeks, we eagerly received invaluable time and engagement from esteemed investors and mentors, promptly translating their suggestions into actionable strategies. During subsequent cycles, we were tasked with presenting our ideas, showcasing our progress, and collaborating with mentors for our continued engagement within the program. We were motivated by a stimulating sense of challenge as a result of our desire for development and success inside the program, which accelerated our progress.

One of the most notable accomplishments during our tenure at CDL was the successful scaling of our prototype battery. Originally designed to power a single lightbulb, we achieved an extraordinary 100-fold increase in capacity, enabling it to effectively supply electricity to an entire household. The influence of CDL has spurred us to enhance and expand our scale-up strategy, setting our sights higher and driving towards greater achievements and advancements. We aspire to achieve an additional 50X scale-up in the foreseeable future.

We express our gratitude to CDL for playing an important role in supporting our remarkable achievements. CDL fostered an environment of continuous learning, collaboration, and growth, which significantly contributed to our success. The diverse range of perspectives and discerning market judgments provided by CDL were instrumental in advancing our business strategy and accelerating the development of Aqua cell’s battery.